• Homework will be given weekly. It will be posted and assigned dependent upon how fast material is covered in the classroom. On average, there will be three homework assignments weekly ranging between 10-30 minutes in length. Homework assignments will be posted weekly on the white board. Please email if you have any questions.
    jpikiewicz  (then type)@wacs2.wnyric.org

    Unit 1 Homework
    Vase picture
    Volume worksheet 
    Density worksheet multiple choice
    Unit 1 review worksheet
    Test #1 in class, multiple choice short answer format

    Unit 2 Work and Homework
    The Earth is Flat activity
    Latitude and Longitude of NY state
    Cross section of 2 mountains

    Various maps worksheet 
    Westfield Quadrangle in calss
    Unit 2 review worksheet

    Test #2 on mapping the Earth
    Unit 3 The Solar system
    1. What is a star? How are they born? Worksheet using a star diagram
    2. Geocentric vs Heliocentric Models of the Universe
    3. Kepler and his three laws of planetary motion (Homework assigned)
    4. The Seasons. How do they work. Create an illustrated drawing and complete a worksheet on seasons.
    5. Time. 
    6. review and test
    Unit 4 Energy 
    1. Different types of energy. Potential versus Kinetic
    2. Minilab in class on reflect, refract, absorb, scatter
    3.Minilab and homework on convection, conduction, and radiation.
    4. The water curve worksheet.
    5. Specific heats and energy transfer drawing.
    6. Review and weather test.
    Unit 5 Weather
    1. Every student will need to sign up to present weather for a day
    2. Station models and station model homework.
    3. Barometer and dewpoint mini lab. There will be a homework sheet on wet and dry bulb temperatures
    4.  Weather fronts
    5. Air masses and a map of the USA
    6. Review and weather test.
    Unit 6 Water
    1. 2-4 day water project. How much water do you use?
    2. The  Hydrologic cycle, water sheds, drainage basins, and the continental divide
    3. Porosity and Permeability mini lab and homework.
    4. Settling rates, and settling speed mini lab.
    5. Capillarity mini lab and worksheet.
    6. Test review and test 6
    Unit 7 Weathering and Erosion
    1. Weathering picture project 
    2. Types of physical and chemical weathering
    3. Types of physical and chemical continued with worksheet.
    4. Climate date and worksheet
    5. Particle size mini lab, notes and homework
    6.  Weathering projects due, test review, and test
    Unit8 Rocks and Minerals
    1. Minerals, get to know a mineral. (mineral project may be given)
    2. Mineral identification and mineral homework
    3.  Mineral 7 station lab
    4. Find a rock and rock 3 station lab
    5. Rock ID time. Homework on rocks
    6. Rock reports
    7. Rock and mineral test
    Unit 9 Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    1. Layers of the Earth. Use your ESRT
    2. P and S wave travel times. Use your ESRT
    3. Find an epicenter. Yep, use your ESRT
    4. Plate Tectonic classroom discussion
    5. Pre- Test #9
    6. Test #9
    Unit 10 Geology and Landscapes
    1. Geology worksheet
    2. Geologic time worksheet (ESRT)
    3. Radioactive decay mini lab in class
    4. Radioactive decay worksheet
    5. Landscapes of NY
    6. Landscape worksheet
    7. Test 10 review
    8. Test 10
    Regents Review 
    1. Two Practice tests will be taken in the classroom
    2. Please visit Regentsprep.org and take as many practice tests as you can.
    3. Review notes, review unit review sheets
    4. Come to regents prep classes after school
    5. Pass the test.