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    For many reasons, Sport Management has blossomed on the college scene nationwide. Several colleges and universities now offer Sport Management as an undergraduate major within their School of Business.

    In addition, many high schools are offering a Sport Management course within their business curriculum.
    Within this course, students will gain an understanding of various management philosophies and techniques, and then apply them to the world of sports. The success of the class will rely on participation and discussion from its members.

    We will touch on topics such as: management principles, college and amateur sports, professional sports, sports and entertainment management, management function, decision making, management strategies, organizing and staffing, leaders in a changing environment, managing groups and teams, managing operations and managing with information technology.

    Methods of Instruction:
    Individual computer lessons, group activities, partner activities, Internet brainstorms, Internet research, video, guest speakers, field trip to BOCES, Sport Management Symposium, Cocoa Cola Field, note taking, reading articles and applying management functions, computer simulatins, and hands-on.

    Class work/mini-lessons/homework 35%
    Current Events 15%
    Quizzes 10%
    Projects 15%
    Sport Management I and II - Distance Learning

    Chapter Tests 25%

    Sports Managment Symposium at BOCES or alternate place.