Behavior Expectations of Room 236:

    1.Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings or you will be considered tardy. Log in as soon as you arrive unless instructed otherwise.

    2. No food or drink allowed by the computers, including bottled water.

    3.Keep all papers/handouts in your folder/binder and take them with you at the end of each class. You will NOT receive any additional copies of handouts.

    4. Recycle all unwanted papers. Keep your work area free of trash and scrap paper.

    5. Return your chair, keyboard, and mouse to their original positions before you leave.

    6. LOG -OFF!!

    7. Remain seated until the bell rings. Push in your chair when leaving.

    8. Use the restroom between classes and bring all needed materials to class.

    9.You may listen to headphones and music on "work days" only. They should be put away BEFORE the bell rings on all other days and before you leave the classroom or you will loose the privilege.

    10. Any cellphones that are out during class (even if they are not being used) will be confiscated and turned into the Main Office for pick-up at the end of the day. NO warnings will be given.