• Westfield Academy and Central Schools
    203 East Main St.
    Phone: (716) 326-2151            Westfield, NY  14787            Fax: (716) 326-2157
     Superintendent of Schools
    Mr. M. Cipolla
    School Business Official/District Clerk
    Mrs. J. Murphy
    Secondary School Principal
    Mr. C. Markham
    Elementary School Principal
    Dr. M. Rockey
    Secretary to the Superintendent
    Mrs. T. Winslow
    Director of Curriculum
    Mrs. M. Anderson
    Dean of Students
    Athletic Director
    Mr. J. Hitchcock
    Mrs. E. Gerould
    Miss L. Reed


    Director of Facilities
    Joshua Brumagin

    Technology Coordinator | Chief Privacy Officer 
    Mr. C. Tenamore
    Food Service Director
     Miss H. Myers
    School Treasurer
      Miss A. Domenico
    Mr. P. Hoitink

    CSE/CPSE Chairperson
    Mrs. A. Webb
    School Nurse
    Mrs. B. Weingart
    Mrs. N. Walker
    School Psychologist
    Mrs. A. Raynor

    Guidance Counselors
    Mr. S. Cooper
    Mrs. A. Brinkley
    Ms. M. Zastrow