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    Classroom Guidelines



    Classroom Rules:

    1. Always raise your hand.

    2. Wait your turn.

    3. Please walk.

    4. Be nice to each other.

    5. Be a good listener.

    6. Be the best you can be!




    Classroom Consequences:

    1. Reminder

    2. Time Out

    3. Loss of Recess

    4. Reflection Room/ Dr. Rockey



    Parent Volunteers:

    I have found that there are some activities both academic and craft oriented that cannot be done without additional adult assistance. I will have a sign up sheet at Open House for anyone interested in helping out in the classroom.




    Monday: Art & Physical Education

    Tuesday: Library & Physical Education

    Wednesday: Music & Physical Education

    Thursday: Computer Lab & Physical Education

    Friday: Library & Physical Education




    will have a 20-30 minute daily recess either inside or outside, depending on the weather. Please remember to dress your child appropriately on colder days.





    Homework will be assigned every Monday. Parents are encouraged to help with homework as needed. All homework (unless otherwise stated) must be returned to school by the last day of each week. Please check over your child’s homework carefully once it has been completed. There is no value in completing incorrect homework. Homework will be check in and reviewed.




    Book Orders:

    Each month your child will receive a catalog and order form from Scholastic Book Clubs. There is a wide variety of books and other educational items, at inexpensive prices, that your child may enjoy. If you wish to place an order, please send the completed order form and the payment in an envelope.




    Friday Folders:

    Each Friday, important notices and your child’s completed assignments will be sent home. Please review the contents of the folder with your child. Sign and/or comment on the back of the folder and return the folder in the plastic protective bag at the beginning of the following week.




    D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read):

    Students will be given quiet independent reading time each day. If your child chooses to bring in a book from home, please be sure it is properly labeled. We do have a fairly large library of books to choose from.





    We will have a daily snack /break time at about 2:00pm each day. We will have a shared class snack. Students' names will be placed on a calendar each month to bring in a snack for the entire class.  This will begin on Monday, September 10, 2018.

    ***Your child may bring in a small bottle of water for his/her personal use. The water bottle must have a sport-style cap and be labeled with your child’s name.



    Student of the Week:

    Each student will have the opportunity to be "Student of the Week". If your child does not feel comfortable sharing with his/her peers, he/she is not obligated to particpate. I will send home a notice to inform you of your child's special week and which items he/she may bring in to share with his/her peers.





    Birthday treats are welcome. Please let me know if your child plans to bring in a treat and on which day of the week. Please keep in mind that all treats must be prepackaged and not homemade.


    *** Birthday party invitations should not be sent with your child to school. They should be sent through the mail. Invitations will not be passed out in the classroom.