• Topics Covered in 8th Grade Social Studies

    The highlighted chapter is the one we are
    currently covering.

    Chapter 18- Reconstruction and the changing South; (after the Civil War)

    Chapter 19- The New West; railroads, expansion, gold rush, Indian removal, farming

    Chapter 20- Industrial Growth; Corporations, Inventions, Labor Unions

    Chapter 21- A New Urban Culture; Immigration, Growth of Cities, sky


    Chapter 22- The Progressive Era; muckrakers, prohibition, woman's rights

    Chapter 23- Becoming a World Power; Spanish Amer. War, Alaska+Hawaii, Panama Canal

    Chapter 24- World War I

    Chapter 25- The Roaring Twenties; fads, flappers, the stock market, installment buying

    Chapter 26- The Great Depression- stock market crash, FDR, the New Deal

    Chapter 27, World War II- Pearl Harbor, Rosie the Riveter, V-E day, V-J day
    Chapter 28/ 29- The Cold War Era; Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam, civil rights movement

    Assessment Review