It was a beautiful day for running! The sun was shining and the sky was blue. 82 kids showed up ready to give it their best. Parents and friends were there to encourage all the runners. The roar of the crowd was deafening! When the dust settled we had a lot of sweaty kids that needed showers on our hands. Some also needed a hug! Every one that ran received a participation ribbon for there effort.

    Ribbons were also awarded for first, second and third place boys and girls in each grade.

    Those who received ribbons were:

    1st Brayden Kneer Danielle Jafarjian                                                                                                      
    2nd Owen Bates McKenzie Wolfe                       
    3rd Hunter Dellow Kallie Loveless

    First grade                                                                                                                       
    1st Ryan Jafarjian Montana Reardon
    2nd Matthew Kopta McKayla Wolfr
    3rd Michael Johnson Katie Bodenmiller                         

    Second grade
    1st Gavin Ponka Ella Archer
    2nd Colby Bills Katelyn Haltiner
    3rd Nicholas Yaklon

    Third grade
    1st Gavin Rater Sara Corwin
    2nd Victor Tolentino Madison Schroeder
    3rd Thomas Ackendorf Hannah Hoebener

    Fourth grade
    1st Eric Fermier Alaina Cockram
    2nd Max Bates Alysa Snyder
    3rd David Grayson Madison Abbey-Mott

    Fifth grade
    1st Brian Smith Cameron Abbey-Mott
    2nd Lucas Haskin
    3rd Dylan Strain

    some runners                                                                                                                                         off they go!pep talkstampede!hey mom, the race started at 3:45what we say in the huddle stays in the huddle.let's go already!