• WACS Student Responsibilities For Physical Education Class:

    #1) All students are expected to bring a change of clothes that is appropriate for gym class, including appropriate sneakers that are tied at all times.

    #2) No jewelry of any kind should be worn during a gym class. Jewelry includes all rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and earrings.

    #3) No gum chewing of any kind is allowed during gym class.

    #4) All long hair needs to be tied back for personal safety reasons.

    #5) React to direction given by teachers, administrators, and other school personnel in a respectful, positive manner, and ask questions if they do not understand.

    #6) Conduct themselves as representatives of the district when participating in or attending school-sponsored extracurricular events and to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct, demeanor, and sportsmanship.