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    Homework will be assigned nightly (except on Fridays) - usually two nights of ELA & 2 nights of math. Parents are highly encouraged to help with homework as needed, but not to do it for their child. PLEASE make sure your child has all necessary tools to do their homework: pencil (preferably not pen), crayons, scissors & glue.  Also, please check over your child's homework carefully to make sure it is completed correctly. Often, some homework pages may be two-sided (front & back), but still should only take about 15 minutes to complete. ALL homework  should be returned to school the following day, on the "Return to School" side of H.W. folder. I will check homework as soon as I can and send it back home for you to review with your child. Papers on the "Keep at Home" side are yours to keep at home and often include important information from the office. A new spelling list will be assigned each week and it's important for your child to study them a little bit each night. Tests will be on Fridays. Last, reviewing sight words and reading with your child nightly are also HIGHLY encouraged, so snuggle up and enjoy hearing your child read to you. Most importantly, I hope you'll ask your child about his or her day! :-)  
    Take Home Reading Program:
    B.A.G. (Books Are Great) homework will begin in October. Each Tuesday and Thursday evening, your child will be bringing home a book to read aloud and discuss with you.  Please read the story with your child and return the items in the plastic bag the very next school day.