Ms. Meyer's Messages


    Sharing/Show & Tell time will be held every other Friday afternoon. Your child is encouraged to bring in one interesting item and to tell about it. This is optional. If your child does not feel comfortable sharing with us, they are not obligated to participate however most of the students love to share. If your child chooses to bring in something then please discuss the item with your child so they are prepared to share about it. It makes it more interesting for the listeners if the sharer can tell at least 3 good details about their item. Sometimes it's fun to have the audience try to guess what the person is sharing! :-)
    We will have snack every day in my classroom shortly after lunch. Each child is encouraged to bring in their own healthy snack each day. This allows each child to have something that they like to eat, especially with so many special health needs and/or allergies. If by chance your child forgets their snack then a snack can be provided for them. Examples: pretzels, cheese-its, fruit snacks, gold-fish.
    Fruits & Veggies



    Celebrating birthdays are a major highlight in Kindergarten, so birthday treats are definitely welcomed! Please let me know if and when your child plans to bring in their birthday treat . Do keep in mind as much as we'd love to have home baked goodies it is our school's policy that all treats must be prepackaged.*** Private birthday party invitations should not be sent with your child to school. They should be sent through the mail. Invitations can ONLY be passed out in the classroom if EVERY STUDENT is invited.***