High School Bell Schedule Grades 9-12:    

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    Period 2


    Period 3


    Period 4


    Period 5


    LUNCH 1


    Period 6a


    Period 6b


    Period 7a


    Period 7b


    LUNCH 2


    Period 8


    Period 9


    Middle School Bell Schedule Grades 6, 7, & 8

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    Period 2


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    Period 6




    Period 7


    Period 8


    Period 9





    Student Attendance/Course Credit

    The district believes that classroom participation is related to and affects a student’s performance and grasp of the subject matter and, as such, is properly reflected in a student’s final grade. For purposes of this policy, classroom participation means that a student is in class and prepared to work.


    Consequently, for each marking period a certain percentage of a student’s final grade will be based on classroom participation as well as the student’s performance on homework, tests, papers, projects, etc. as determined by the building administrator and/or classroom teacher.


    Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Consistent with the importance of classroom participation, unexcused student absences, tardiness, and early departures will affect a student’s grade, including credit for classroom participation, for the marking period.


    At the middle school/high school level:

    1.      Any student with more than 28 absences in a full- year, one-credit course may not receive credit for the course.

    2.      In a one-semester, one-credit course, any student with more than 14 absences may not receive credit for the course.

    3.      In a physical education course, a student must not be absent from class more than fourteen (14) days, unless he or she has been medically excused from participating, because the course is scheduled every other day throughout the year.

    4.      In courses with labs, e.g. science classes, a student must not be absent from class more than twenty-one (21) times, including the course and the labs.


    However, it is District policy that students with properly excused absences, tardiness and early departures for which the student has performed any assigned make-up work, assignments and/or tests shall not be counted as an absence for the purpose of determining the student’s eligibility for course credit. Absence from class of 20 minutes or more will be considered a full period of absence.


    For summer school and courses meeting 1/2 year or 1/4 year, the same policy will apply and a calculation of the absences will be prorated accordingly.

    Transfer students and students re-enrolling after having dropped out will be expected to attend a prorated minimum number of the scheduled class meetings during their time of enrollment.


    Students will be considered in attendance if the student is:

    1.      Physically present in the classroom or working under the direction of the classroom teacher during the class scheduled meeting time; or

    2.      Working pursuant to an approved independent study program; or

    3.      Receiving approved alternative instruction.


    Students who are absent from class due to their participation in a school sponsored activity are to arrange with their teachers to make up any work missed in a timely manner as determined by the student’s teacher. Attendance at school-sponsored events where instruction is substantially equivalent to the instruction which was missed shall be counted as the equivalent of regular attendance in class. Upon returning to school following a properly excused absence, tardiness or early departure, it shall be the responsibility of the student to consult with his/her teacher(s) regarding arrangements to make up missed work, assignments and/or tests in accordance with the time schedule specified by the teacher within five school days. Failure to complete the work will result in the student receiving a grade of zero for the assignments missed. Should there be circumstances beyond the student’s control, the teacher may grant an appropriate extension for the make-up work.


    Notice of Minimum Attendance Standard/Intervention Strategies Prior to the Denial of Course Credit

    In order to ensure that parents/persons in parental relation and students are informed of the District’s policy regarding minimum attendance and course credit, and the implementation of specific intervention strategies to be employed prior to the denial of course credit to the student for insufficient attendance, the following guidelines shall be followed:

    1.      Copies of the District’s Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy will be available to parents/persons in parental relation and provided to students at the beginning of each school year or at the time of enrollment in the District.

    2.      School newsletters and publications will include periodic reminders of the components of the District’s Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy. Copies of the Attendance Policy will also be included in parent/student handbooks.

    3.      At periodic intervals, the Principals will notify, by telephone, the parent/person in parental relation of the student’s absence, tardiness, or early departure and explain the relationship of the student’s attendance to his/her ability to receive course credit. If the parent/person in parental relation cannot be reached by telephone, a letter shall be sent detailing this information.

    4.      The Principals will review the District’s Attendance Policy with students who have excessive and/or unexcused absences, tardiness or early departures. Further, appropriate student support services/ personnel within the District, as well as the possible collaboration/referral to community support services and agencies, will be implemented prior to the denial of course credit for insufficient attendance by the student.


    Privilege Slips

    Pupils should plan, if possible, to arrange for appointments after school hours, Saturdays, or during vacation periods. If you find you must be excused to leave the building during regular school hours, you must have an Excused Absence Slip.


    Students must present an excuse, written and signed by your parent/guardian, stating the reason for being excused, the time that you should be excused, as well as the time you will return, for approval prior to 8:00 a.m. Only legal reasons will be accepted. Every student must sign out with the Middle/ High School secretary before leaving the building. When the student returns to school, the student must indicate the time of return in the Sign- Out book. The student will be issued a student pass to return to class.

    Vacation and Family Trips

    Family vacations, trips and outings that are taken during regularly scheduled school days are classified as illegal absences. The school has no responsibility to students who are absent illegally. Parents are urged to consider carefully the possible consequences of removing a student out of school for an extended period. Parents who feel that it is necessary to take a student out of school for vacation should personally come to school, two weeks in advance of their departure, to discuss the possible effects of the absence and to make appropriate arrangements for assignments and the methods in which they will be completed. Failure to make prior arrangements may result in loss of academic credit for work missed.


    Grading System—Progress Reports to Parents

    In addition to regular report cards, reports detailing a student’s progress will be sent out every five weeks. In addition, teachers may, at their discretion, contact parents to provide needed information relative to the student’s progress. Parents are invited to either call or log into the Parent Portal (https://ps.wacs.wnyric.org/public/) any time there is a question or concern regarding student progress. Individual teacher’s grading policies and the overall school grading policies will be discussed in class and will be made available to parents upon request.


    Student Activities

    School clubs and organizations can be formed by interested groups of students provided there is a faculty member who is willing to serve as an advisor. Information about clubs may be obtained from the Principal’s office. At the present time the following clubs make up our student activities program:

    Athletics -Interscholastic

    Yearbook Staff

    Band - Concert,

    Jazz - Small Ensemble

    Ski Club

    Chorus -Westwinds/Firecrackers & Apemen

    Student Government

    Future Farmers of America

    High School Bowl

    It’s Academic

    Key Club/Builders Club

    National Honor Society


    Office Records

    A registration card and class schedule for each student is kept by the school. If this information changes, please notify the guidance office so that we may locate parents when necessary.





















    Middle School Class Placement

    To be a sixth grader, you must have been promoted from the fifth grade

    To be a seventh grader, you must be promoted from the sixth grade

    To be an eighth grader, you must be promoted from the seventh grade


    Middle School Honor Roll

    All course grades are averaged every marking period to determine if a student has earned a place on the honor roll. To be placed on the Merit Roll the computed average must be 85 percent or above. Honor Roll is achieved with an average of 90 percent or above. High Honor/Academic All-Star is achieved with an average of 95 percent and above.

                Merit Roll: 85-89.499              Honor Roll: 89.5-94.499                     High Honor Roll: 94.5-100


    Middle School Homework—Homework Hotline

    The homework hotline is available to students Monday through Friday by calling after 4 p.m. It is also available all weekend. The telephone number is 326-PLAN (326-7526) and it can also be access through that internet at https://www.wacs.wnyric.org/domain/16.  If a student is to be absent, please contact the guidance office and assignments will be collected for the days absent. It is very important that all students complete and turn in all homework assignments. Teachers also have the option of posting information on educational websites to increase accessibility.


    Middle School Guidance and Counseling Center

    The Middle School Counselor is available to meet with individual students throughout the year regarding personal, social, academic or career-related issues. Social and emotional support groups are also offered to students and may include topics such as Coping with Grief and Loss, Dealing with Divorce, Stress Management and Meeting, Making and Keeping Friends. Students are able to sign up for groups in September during Group Sign-Up or by visiting the Guidance Office throughout the school year. The Middle School Counselor also offers conflict resolution services to help students resolve disputes with their peers. During February, grade 8 students will meet with the school counselor in small groups to discuss course selection for 9th grade. Students are advised to consult with their parent or guardian regarding their course choices. Parents are welcome to call the counselor at any time with questions or concerns.


    Dropping a Course —Middle School

    Grade 6 students enrolled in Chorus may drop the course at the end of the first five weeks of school by providing a parent signed note to the Guidance and Counseling Center by the end of the sixth week of school. Grade 7 and 8 students may only drop these subjects prior to the start of the school year. Parents must contact the Guidance and Counseling Center by phone or mail before the first day of school. All other courses are required and may not be dropped.


    Middle School Clubs and Interscholastic Athletics

    Membership in clubs and participation in interscholastic athletic competition is provided for girls and boys with special skills and interests. Middle School activities include:

    Builders Club

    Student Government

    Science and Technology Club

    Ski Club


    Varsity, Junior Varsity and/or Jr. High Teams are available in some sports. JV and Varsity participation requires passing of a selection qualification test. This also allows the student use of the weight room. Tryouts for teams will be announced as appropriate. Please see the High School section on athletics for additional information.  



    Honor Roll

    All credit course grades are averaged every marking period to determine whether or not a student has earned a place on the honor roll. Averages are computed according to difficulty level. All courses meeting two or three times a week are computed as half unit courses. A failing grade in any subject will eliminate the student’s earning a place on the honor roll no matter how high the computed average is.

                Merit Roll: 85-89.499              Honor Roll: 89.5-94.499                     High Honor Roll: 94.5-100


    Class Placement

    To be a Freshman, you must have been promoted from the eighth grade.

    To be a Sophomore, you must have earned 5.5 units of credit

    To be a Junior, you must have earned 11 units of credit

    To be a Senior, you must have earned 16.5 units of credit

    Each student will be scheduled for an interview with the counselor at least once during the school year. In addition to the scheduled conference(s), you may request counseling at any time.


    Homework Assignments

    You are encouraged to keep homework assignments up to date if an illness occurs. Please ask a friend to help in collecting assignments or notify the guidance office to request assistance. Parents are responsible for picking up all books, notebooks, etc. necessary for the completion of homework assignments.


    Dropping a Course

    Students have ample time to consider which classes fulfill requirements and meet their career interests. Therefore, class schedule changes should not be necessary except in the extreme circumstances. If a course change is deemed necessary or better suits a student’s academic program, withdrawal from the course must be done within the first four (4) school days.  

    1.      Student must request permission for a drop form from the school counselor.

    2.      Drop form must be signed by the appropriate teacher. 

    3.      Once the drop form is signed and returned to the counselor, enrollment is ended.

    If a student drops a course after the first four days of a class, he/she will receive zero (0) as the final grade unless the teacher, counselor and the Principal concur that dropping the course is in the student’s best interest.


    Honor Night

    Each graduation eve, the Westfield Community gathers for a celebration of Honor Night. This event is held to recognize students and their commitment to academics, athletics, arts and their community.


    Local Diploma

    This option is available to students who receive the safety net on their 504 Accommodation Plan or IEP.  To qualify for a Local Diploma, students must minimally score between a 55-64 on their Regents Examinations or pass the Regents Competency Test (RCT) with a 65 (Classes of 2013 and 2014 only). 


    Regents Diploma

    To qualify for a Regents Diploma, students must pass Regents Examinations with a score of 65 in English (11th grade), Social Studies (10th & 11th grades), Mathematics (one Regents Examination), Science (one Regents Examination), and Foreign Language (Proficiency Examination or by passing a high school course.)


    Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation

    To qualify for a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, students must pass Regents Examinations with a score of 65 in English (11th grade), Social Studies (10th & 11th grades), Mathematics (Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Examinations), Science (two Regents Examinations), and Foreign Language (Proficiency Examination or by passing a high school course).


    Additional Information

    All students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service work; with at least 10 hours completed during each high school year.





    Required Subjects

    Required Credits


    4 units of credit

    Social Studies  

    4 units of credit


    3 units of credit


    3 units of credit

    Foreign Language

    1 unit of credit*

    Art and/or Music

    1 unit of credit

    Physical Education

    2 units of credit


    .5 units of credit


    4.5 units of credit



    Westfield Academy and Central School Graduation Requirement

    23 units of credit

    New York State Graduation Requirement

    22 units of credit

    * Students acquiring 5 units in Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Fine Arts may be exempt from the 3-unit requirement in Foreign Language.  

    *Students must earn 1 unit of credit in Foreign Language which will be earned by passing a proficiency examination at the end of 8th grade or by passing a high school course (Classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015).

    *Students must earn 1 unit of credit in Foreign Language which will be earned by passing a high school course (Class of 2016).



    Please click here for a printable copy:  Information and Guidelines for MS and HS Students