• The photos below show some of the activities during our embryology unit where we hatch chicks.  It takes 21 days from the start of incubation until they arrive alive and "peepin'" in our classroom.  This is always one of the most exciting couple of days in 6th grade science and it is never a disappointment.
    This year we were able to share the eggsperience with the entire school community by streaming the hatch directly to classrooms.  We had lots of great response from the elementary classrooms and several "field-trips" down to the middle-school wing to have a viewing.  Enjoy the images of this very cool part of our curriculum.
    This year, we are streaming live so everyone can enjoy.  We have two links running, with sound available after school hours. (A short commercial plays before the video loads - since we are using the free web site USTREAM to stream this Chick Unit)