• 7th Grade Homework 
    Friday, September 21
    ELA - "A"  Creative Story ending is due on Tuesday     "B"  Start story ending and have at least two paragraphs by Monday - story is due on Wednesday
    Math  "A" Finish online assignment 1-5 if not done in class
    1-5 WS
    LTA due 9/28
     "B" p. 29 #7-16
    p. 35 #7-20
    *finish what you didn't finish in class    
    Science   "A"   Finish paper airplane lab question and missing work  "B"  Finish metric lab and metric me paper. 
    Social Studies   "A"   Finished Map and  read prologue to Chasing Lincoln's Killer   "B"   Worksheet on Carbon Dating 
    Spanish  - None