Westfield CSD Technology Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the faculty and staff of Westfield Academy andCentral Schools with the quality of support, training and equipment that will enable them to provide the best possible education to our students.

Technology Committee Members

J. Clamp, Committee Chairperson D. Davison, Superintendent J. Murphy, Business Manager Dr. M. Rockey, Elementary Principal I. Hite, Secondary Principal R. Matos, Elementary Computer Lab Teacher K. O'Neil, Elementary Teacher, Parent Rep. M. Zastrow, Library Media Specialist, Parent Rep. T. Stokes, Secondary Science Teacher N. Huber, Secondary Social Studies Teacher K. Alonge, Business Teacher, Parent Rep. E. Hauenstein, Community Representaive L. Manzella, Technology Coordinator J. Shain, Erie1 Technical Support Specialist L. Knappenberger, Secondary Science Teacher, Parent Rep.

IT Department Members

Technology Coordinator                                   Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist
Ms. L. Manzella                                                   Mr. J. Shain, Erie1 Staff
Elementary Computer Lab Teacher                 Secondary Computer Lab Teaching Assistant
Ms. R. Huber-Ross                                               Mrs. C. Keefe