• Tips for Parents: Promoting Success at School and Home

    A good night of sleep can positively impact your child’s learning and behavior at school. The National Sleep Foundation reports that school children aged 5-12 years require 9-11 hours, and adolescents aged 11-17 years require 8.5–9.5 hours each night.

    It is important for your child to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that meals and snacks are healthy.

    Read with your child. Parents have long been considered critical to the development of their children's reading skills. Parents who read with their children can help get them become interested in reading at an early age and help model good reading habits. Taken from the National Reading Panel website

    Set a routine each day that includes meals, snacks, time for homework, relaxation time and a scheduled bedtime. This helps your child to understand what is expected of them and gives them time for each activity.

    Do your best to provide help and support with your child’s homework and school assignments.