With the recent transition to online testing, it is important that students feel comfortable enough to effectively use computers and keyboards--not just a touch screen--in a classroom or test setting.  


    • In an attempt to develop some muscle memory and ease the stress of computer based testing, there are a few programs that I have found to be both helpful and easy to use for students in grades 1-5!  Please feel free to try these out on your own and encourage your children to practice their keyboard skills at home:

    https://www.typingtest.com - One Minute Typing Test: This quick, 1 minute test allows students to gauge their own growing typing speed.  We will be doing several check-ups throughout the year to monitor student growth and adjust instruction accordingly.

    www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr - Dance Mat Typing: Students LOVE this silly, interactive game.  It focuses greatly on developing muscle memory so that students remember where those letters are on the keyboard and don't even have to look down to find them.  This program is wonderful because it starts small with the HOME ROW (ask your kiddos about this!) and gradually adds a few letters into each lesson.  I've found this program to be especially effective when students use the "speed skins" which cover the keyboard.  (They are really forced to just feel their way around the keys, and I've got to tell you...IT WORKS!!)

    www.typingclub.com - Typing Club: I like to think of this program as a good mixture of the One Minute Typing Test and Dance Mat Typing.  It is not as interactive or child-centered as DMT is, but it works similarly by starting with learning the HOME ROW and gradually adding in letters at each level.  It also has the clean look of the One Minute Typing Test and gives helpful updates on typing speed as well.


    • **Kindergarten and 1st Grade also work a little with typetastic and various games on ABCya.com.  These are meant to help with letter recognition and introduces them to the placement of each letter on the keyboard.**

    https://typetastic.com/?utm_source=typingtest_com&utm_medium=test_loop - Typetastic: This program is great for the little guys who are still learning their letters and trying to figure out how to use the computer's mouse!  It helps them figure out how to time their "clicks" accurately, and it builds letter recognition and letter placement on the keyboard.